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Noynarock Alfried


Bred and owned by Linda Grant.

Al as he is know at home became the first Norwegian  Olympian gaining his Bronze Olympian title at The gwynedd Show on July 20th 2013 closely followed by his silver.

September 27th 2014 Alfried gained his last Olympian certificate at The North West Cat Club Show and is now a Gold Olympian.

SIRE: IGrCh Noynarock Saryman

DAM: IGrCh Noynarock Anya

CROW Writeup 27th Spetember 2014

Olympian Adult Male: Three boys entered. OLYMPIAN. GRANT’S UK OS IMP GR CH NOYNAROCK ALFRIED. Blue Smoke & White NFC. 20/8/2010. A very handsome gentleman who I have met several times before. Mature and of very good size, showing super overall type and elegant and stylish. Long strong body is well balanced, of very good weight and strong whilst retaining a lovely elegance, feeling firm, muscular and of good substance with solid boning, chest is deep and rounded and he stands tall on well-shaped sturdy elegant legs ending in large round paws in proportion with toe-tufts. Head forms balanced triangle of very good proportions carried a muscular neck, muzzle is gently tapered, long white whiskers and eye-brows. Large ears are broad at the base and of good shape, spaced so as to give high and open set and follow the lines of his face, long inner furnishings and lynx-like tips. Large oval eyes are held well open and set obliquely to give typical alert expression. Gentle curve to brow, profile line to nose is long and almost completely straight, chin is just about level and is of quite good depth. Very good length to full, dense coat, especially considering we at the end of a warm summer season, waterproof top coat feels resilient and flows smoothly over a fair amount of woolly undercoat, full ruff frames face, good shirtfront and well developed knickerbockers, tail is well-furnished and bushy and forms a good plume. In super condition and groomed to perfection and beautifully presented. Tail is of very good shape and length reaches to shoulder-blades to balance. Such a calm, gentle boy, but with confidence and impeccable manners, he stood proud on the table and is a pleasure to judge. I understand this certificate makes him an Olympian Gold, I’m so pleased I was able to give him this wonderful accolade – he is a credit to his breed.


Noynarock Sephiroth

Noynarock Yllva

Noynarock Yuffie (Deceased)


Noynarock Astryd (sire)

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