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Autumn Update from Seidrkatts

Astryd had her kittens earlier in the week- we were blessed with 4 babies, and super happy that she also delivered a cream and white girl of whom we will keep hold of and has been named Seidrkatts Erikka. We have a cream boy- who unfortunately has lost the end of his tail but is doing brilliantly. And we also have a gorgeous tortie tabby baby who will become available shortly to reserve. We do have a couple of kittens available so please email if you are interested.

We were in attendance at the most recent cat show in Edinburgh recently and Winston was awarded his third Imperial. Whilst Freydis was awarded her Third Grand, making her now a Grand Champion.

Winston earlier in the year achieved Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion at TICA which is just brilliant, Im not sure I can get higher... But I still do love showing him so we are also showing him with GCCF.

Calendars are available to here

And the Norwegian Forest Cat Club will be in attendance at the GCCF Supreme in Birmingham on October 22nd- so I highly recommend going down there to check the weegies and all of the other beautiful cats out.

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