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Bit of a faux Pas....

Well it could only happen to me, I ordered the calendars, giving myself loads of time to get them shipped before the end of November and the damn thing doesn't even have the days of the week on it... As beautiful as it is... I wondered would anyone notice? Could I stamp it or put stickers on it.... I then redesigned the Faux Pas and sent it back to the printers, with a surplus of calendars looking ever so pretty on my coffee table...

If you would like one, they are £4.40... (Thats what they cost to print.) So a bargain for a handmade thing, and completely bespoke with unique error. (It really could only happen to me...) Its actually been one of those insane weeks where everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. You can purchase one faulty calendar here (head in hands) And Im sure I will be distributing calendars out to all and sundry for Christmas.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has purchased a calendar.... yours will be posted out on Monday... completely error free.

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