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Carlisle LCWW Tica Show

We decided to enter our cats into the LCWW tica show in Carlisle last weekend.

We met up with our good friend Linda Grant of Noynarock.

Seidrkatts Loki Of Thorbjornpus has managed to so far achieve #1 norwegian kitten in the world. (I'm so proud 😁)

We took Winston, Yuffie and Astryd. With their winter coats all in Yuffie did amazing....and even gained a 1st for the finals with judge Sue Hart.

Ill await tallying of their results.

I think the tica show is a really quick way to show our cats, in essence it's 9 chances of gaining points and titling up the cats much quicker then with GCCF. So I highly recommend that, especially as we are so far north.

It was also so great to meet up with Linda.

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