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Norwegian Forest Cat Club

We have been members of the Norwegian forest cat club since we first acquired a kitten. Its useful to have somewhere to turn to if you ever need any advice or support. They send out newsletters to keep you up to date with current kitty affairs and club show results. The cat club has struggled recently due to the pandemic. So I decided to help out a bit with my knowledge of marketing, and websites and calendar making.

I have been working on the new Norwegian forest cat club website and improving membership applications to make them a bit more user friendly. You can join the NFCC here

We have also been working on new membership packs and merch for sale in the website shop. Through raising funds we can offer welfare to cats in need. Fiona Hermon, NFCC welfare officer has been doing a grand job in rehoming and helping with cats in need. With a few happy endings to appear in our newsletters.

The breeders list is usually the first port of call when looking for a cat, knowing that my kitten owners have researched the breed prior to emailing always helps me to know that the person wanting a kitten has really thought about it.

We are looking forward to the GCCF supreme this year and have shown Aslan and Winnie who have both acquired their first C,C's in their first shows.

Winston has been dual shown, and is working towards his IMPERIAL status with GCCF, but is also a quadruple champion with TICA. The judges for the LCWW were most pleased with him and don't often get to handle an NFC. Polly, aka Twilight Princess has been shown via Tica and will also have a chamption status now.

And Yuffie, who has just delivered two little kittens, achieved Grand Champion with Tica in March.

All wonderful results and everything is going in a positive direction.

Annie Rees

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