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Hello just an update on how we are getting on in 2022!

We have been involved in showing our cats with TICA this year. Winston has achieved titles of REGIONAL WINNER SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION whilst Yuffie has achieved GRAND CHAMPION titles, Sephiroth and Polly have achieved CHAMPION titles. Winnie and Aslan have also appeared on the show bench both achieving their 1st CC's with the GCCF.

We are dual registered with both TICA and the GCCF. Due to covid showing has been difficult but we have certainly hit the floor running with Winston achieving this title.

We currently have 2 kittens available- These are blue smoke males. Dam: Noynarock Yllva and Sire: Grand Champion Noynarcock Zac. A deposit is required to secure a kitten. They will be fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed etc. Are for indoor homes only, and must be neutered at 6-12months with proof required and a contract signed to uphold this. Please send me an email if you are interested.

The cattery took a battering in storm Arwen, and its taken us quite a long time to piece it back together- we were without power for Several days, with a litter of kittens tucked away in my bedroom. It set us back, and damaged the runs and the artificial grass that we had for the cats to play on. The cats were all in the house though, and helped keep us warm, they were our priority and we did suffer damage in the paddocks with trees, telegraph poles and various damage to buildings and roof tiles. The chickens, ducks and sheep all survived the storm too. So we were very lucky and managed to patch up the roof. We now have a generator if there is a next time.

I have also been to several LCWW shows in 2021/22 and have had a blast at them. Especially everything since the pandemic etc... it has been a very pleasant distraction. I am also a photographer and got a few snaps of the cats in the shows that you may like:

I quite like the LCWW set up, run by Steven Meserve and Nathan Gilbert. The cats enjoyed the style, particularly Winston. And unlike the GCCF set up- the cats are played with throughout the day and love being handled. It wasnt for everyone though, the pandemic has also meant that many cats are shy and not used to being shown, which in some cases has created irrepairable social damage to the cats as they are anxious. Sephiroth who was always a flamboyant character, hid under his blanket, although he won champion status I did withdraw him on the second day as he just didn't enjoy it. And really the cats need to enjoy it. Yuffie on the other hand just loved all of the attention.

I am now also volunteering as the media co-ordinator for the Norwegian Forest Cat Club: Of which i highly recommend- I would as I am bias. We have created a calendar and have also been drawing up newsletters and others campaign to get engagement. There is a lack of interest in the cat club- and this cat club helps to support the breed- so its imperative it receives support- financially but also form volunteers and fellow cat lovers. This isnt just directed at the NFCC but for the cat fancy in general. There are plans in place to speed up the process to acquire judge status through stewarding schemes etc- I could probably get a PHD faster then the previous judging scheme- so the new one is welcomed with open arms.

Olivia our 15 year old has been stewarding at the shows that we have been to. She quite enjoys the shows too. And it quite important that the youth are involved as much as possible. Although the other two children are more interested in tombollas.

Cat calendars are on sale now These are from my cats, photographed by me and designed and put together by me. So the link leads you to my photography page.

Anyone wanting inputs on kittens can join the 'seidrkatts kitten' page.

Anyway- I hope you are all well.


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