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Seidrkatts Summer 2019

Our first litter of kittens have now all got homes. They were named after David Bowie hits, Seidrkatts Lazarus, Seidrkatts ZiggyStardust and Seidrkatts Starman. They have been a fabulous first litter. And now it is evident that we must kitten proof everything. As their favourite hiding place is in the computer desk drawer.

At the same time we have invested in 2 cat pens with runs, and a further 2 to be constructed. With our future litters planned for the start of 2020.

We also showed Noynarock Freydis and Noynarock Astryd at the Scotia Cat show and they both achieved Best of Breed and 1sts, with Freydis recieving her first C.C.

Olivia and Noynarock Freydis, 1st of her class, B.O.B and her first C.C
Seidrkatts Starman- Blue Mackerel Tabby (08/06/2019)

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