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In September I was made redundant and by November facing the doom and gloom of the cost of living crisis, it had become more and more apparent that showing our cats was becoming an unaffordable luxury. Showing had become a highlight of my life, lots of memories have been made over the years as a family and my children would often travel with me to these shows. The cats loved it and we did to, But the milage, hotel fees was just becoming unbearable. (Especially living in North East Scotland)

So in November I attended my first show with the mindset of paying my way by doing something that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was much more than this, and I realised that with my cat knowledge and photography skills, I could pull off a new business venture following my new found freedom from leaving my former employment.

I photographed 21 cats that day.... and an idea was born... VIKING CAT UK.  I wanted to share this with you all.

Since then I have photographed at the Norwegian Forest Cat Club and have created enough content for an NFC calendar for the club. I have also booked a UK TOUR of shows where I will be photographing cats and kittens, which I am thoroughly looking forward to. As always thank you for reading my posts, commenting and supporting me on my socials.

If you do see me at a show, please come say hi...

Lots of love


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