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Winston wins Overall BIV section 2 at the County Durham Cat Show 27/05/2023

Fab day today at the Northern Counties Cat Club & County Durham cat club.

Winston won an Olympain! 1st out of a class of 5, he got 3rd place in the other show. He achieved BOB and BOV section 2 adult, overall Best of Section 2. Super happy with him 🧡

Polly got her 2nd and 3rd premier so now a Premier. And Erikka licked all of the judges and got her 1sts and Bob... so I reckon a good contender for best kitten at the Norwegian Forest Cat Club 2023 annual points award.

And household pedigree Mitchell's Odin achieve overall best Pet for one show and best Pedigree pet for the other...

Lots of confusion with the two clubs. So I'm not sure exactly what is what... but heres a phone dump for you all 🧡

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