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Wow! Its been a crazy few weeks!

We have been very busy, little time to sit down and soak it all in. But here is a quick round-up.

We have a litter of kittens who are currently available, absolutely stonking kittens. Silver torties and a red silver. Looking forward to taking some photos of these wee babies.

At the show Zelda at 9months and 1 day, gained 2x cc's... pretty phenomenal to achieve this at such a tender age and in a class with two other females. She was also awarded BIV Section 2 Adult.

Sephiroth hasn't been shown since the LCCW show, which he really didn't like being pulled out of his pen. He was awarded 2x cc's at the show also. I think when we show him again I will only put him in his class and no side classes. He's such a gentle giant.

Tarka... well we had a great review from judge Parkin. Which I was thrilled with and she is one to watch.

And last but not least Polly was awarded her 3rd GPC, and in now titled Grand Premier Seidrkatts Twilight Princess.

I also struck gold with my cat photography- And i will now be attending shows with cats in tow to fuel my unhealthy and exceptionally expensive hobby. Cat portraits

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