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Register Interest in a SeiðrKatts kitten 2024

This form is to register your interest in a kitten for 2024, this does not guarantee you a kitten but does allow an initial contact, which makes it a little easier when selecting our new kitten owners.

We strive to ensure that our kittens live long happy lives, and our vetting process ensures that the homes selected will follow a few simple rules to allow the kitten the best chance in life. 

  • Our cats are for INDOOR homes only. This means that the kitten will not be allowed to free roam, access can be provided in enclosed catios or gardens that can offer the cat exercise without the risk that the world poses to a cat. Namely the risk associated with roads... 

  • All of our kittens MUST be NEUTERED at approximately 6 months. This onus is on the new owner and a GCCF kitten contract stating as such will be signed upon collection of your kitten. Our kittens are NOT sold for breeding. This is extremely important to us. Proof is required of spey/neuter from your vet. 

  • Please be prepared to provide a reference from your veterinary practice. 

The cost of one of our kittens is £1250. A deposit is required to secure a kitten of £250 with the balance payable on collection.

Our kittens leave us at 13 weeks old, they are fully vaccinated (excluding FELV.) They are micro-chipped and registered with either TICA or GCCF and come with a 5 generation pedigree and a kitten pack.  

*We offer a re-home guarantee, we will always take back our cats and kittens should they find themselves in unfortunate circumstances,  (this has been written into several wills of our current kitten owners.) We will house and ensure that the cat/s are cared for and receive veterinary care and treatment before finding a suitable home for them.  

We will always offer your support and advice for your cats and kittens and welcome you to our group Seidrkatts Kittens

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Thank you for registering your interest.

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