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Noynarock Zac

Our majestic Zac is a true gentleman, this lovely boy is a real darling. He can be a little shy so everything must be on his terms. Hes around 7kg and currently nearing 10 years old. Hes still very content here and he will remain active for the foreseable. 

IMP.GR.CH.CERT. GRANT’S GR.CH. NOYNAROCK ZAC. NFO as. 060414. A mature boy in very good condition. Triangular head, long straight profile, forehead slightly rounded, firm chin. Ears well-set and good width at base, eyes just a little deep set. Very strong body, long and muscular, substantial bone, balanced tail. Coat well presented, undercoat covered by fairly glossy topcoat. Very sweet temperament.

1st Gen Offspring:

Noynarock Freydis

Noynarock Zelda

Seidrkatts Aslan of Narnia

Seidrkatts Winnie- Eastcroft


2nd gen Offspring:

Seidrkatts Erikka

Eastcroft Tarka of Seidrkatts

Strangrfjordr Enya of Seidrkatts

Sire: Ch & Pr Noynarock Gandor

Dam: Noynarock Caerroil Wildwood

PkDef & GSDIV Clear​​

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