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Welcome to SeidrKatts

Seidrkatts is the prefix of Annie and Richard Rees, who reside in Turriff Aberdeenshire. The hobby began in 2019 when they acquired their first Norwegian Forest Cat; Luna. They became friends with Linda Grant of Noynarock who was retiring and offered them mentorship and a helping hand in breeding and showing this majestic breed. Annie would later work on the Norwegian Forest Cat Club website, newsletter, merchandise and other materials as well as Vice chairing the committee and becoming a BAC committee member and working on the preservation of the Norwegian Forest Cat breed standard of the GCCF. Seidrkatts now works with other breeders of the same lines and continues to work to preserve the breed standard whilst showcasing their cats throughout the UK. 

Seidrkatts (SAY-DER KATTS)

Seidr is a form of Norse magic that involves foretelling and shaping the future. Referred to in Old Norse as seiðr, this type of magic was an important part of the Norse religion in ancient Scandinavia. Women practitioners, sometimes called seiðkona, would travel from town to town, performing seidr rituals.

What Can Seidr Do?

Seidr (seiðr) is a type of shamanic magic that includes prophecies, divination, channeling the gods and goddesses, and performing spells that influence weather.

Seidr also has the power to influence animals. A woman practicing seidr could shapeshift or cast her spirit into an animal to manipulate them. Any animal, including sea animals like whales and seals, could be controlled by the power of seidr.


Many powerful ancient civilizations held cats in high regard. The Egyptians even had their own Goddess of Cats, named Bast, who was believed to protect households from harm. Bast was worshipped as the Goddess of abundance, fertility, magic, and the moon. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans also associated cats with fertility and the moon, and in India, cats symbolized childbirth. It was not until the spread of Christianity during medieval times that cats were demonized and became a symbol of darkness and black magic.

Combining our love of cats, Norse mythology and an interest in preserving a truly iconic cat breed, we have dedicated the best part of our time to ensuring that this breed is well represented. 

We do occasionally have kittens become available, these kittens are exclusively for indoor homes only, and must be neutered following GCCF guidelines. Kittens will come with a 5 generation pedigree, kitten pack and are fully vaccinated and micro-chipped. All of our kittens are raised in our home. 

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