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Happy New Year!

Happy New year to all of you! Both Richard and I wish you all the best for the year ahead!

For us, 2023 started as a lame duck, another storm destroying the pens and leaving us with carnage and having to rebuild everything left us frustrated and wanting to throw the towel in, we also had Polly contract Pyometra, we tried to treat it but for one of our first Seidrkatts queens, a hard pill to swallow, when we made the decision to spey her.

We would unfortunately also go on to loose Yuffie.

We had amazing success this year in the shows and managed our first Norwegian Forest Cat Club show since 2019. Our boy Winston won best Adult 2023 at the NFCC show.

And in April, he won BEST IN SHOW 2023 at the 50th Edition Nor East Show.

We also had great fortune with Erikka, Zelda and Tarka. Polly ended the year as a Grand Premier.

I am in the process of rebuilding this site and will include more details of foundation cats, eventually if you click on a cat profile you will see all information about each cat along with a selection of photographs, I think its quite important to preserve the cat lines.

I have also added a NEW register of interest 2024.

We are wishing all of our friends and family a Happy New Year.

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