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August 2023 updated-

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Hello everyone, hope that you are well.

2023 so far has been a really successful year for us, with, here are our highlights:

As well as lots of other titles being gained, 2023 has been a really successful show for us at Seidrkatts. We are hoping to attend a few more shows this year, and hoping to gain Winston's Olympian title. Winston has already achieved Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion with TICA in 2021/22 and has the title of Best Norwegian in the EW region, something of which we are so very proud of. Winston absolutely loves all of the attention at the shows, I hadn't planned on showing him with GCCF, but it became apparent just how much we all enjoyed it, and I was shocked when he won overall BIS at the Nor East. So we have decided to continue showing him and see where we go. Winston loves it, and we love showing him.

Dam: Gr Ch Noynarock Freydis to Sire: Imp Gr Ch & RW Q Gr Ch Noynarock Winston. D.O.B: 27/07/2023

Winston is now implanted to prevent him from calling so that we can regain his coat condition, its difficult to show an entire male. We have been very fortunate with Winston so far and hoping to continue his good luck streak.

Mabel was neutered shortly after achieving her Imperial Gr Ch title, she will be at the GCCF Supreme at Meet the cats, she will be with Fiona Hermon on the Norwegian Forest Cat Club Show table. We dont intend to show her and shes strictly a house cat now, so this would be a nice weekend out for her. Shes such a wonderful mother cat to all of our younger girls.

Luna aka Goffy's girl was neutered earlier in the year, we had planned on having a litter from her and keeping a girl, but there was only one male kitten... This kitten went to Ann Morgan of Zivannaz and he is known as Seidrkatts Q for Zivannaz... amazingly has produced a litter of 11 kittens with young Queen Maggi, who has done exceptionally well to have 10 surviving kittens. Well done to Ann.

Polly aka Twilight Princess our first Seidrkatts Queen unfortunately had pyometra, an infection of the womb. She was neutered at the start of the year. We have been showing her as a neuter; shes such a lovely girl, so it was a real shame to lose her as a breeding Queen, but she is still very much centre of everything, she also loves the new cat wheel.

Noynarock Yuffie: we lost our gorgeous mackerel tabby Yuffie last month, we found her sleeping. With no inclination as to how. We are devastated about her loss, as it was so soon for her. We had so many plans, showing her alongside Winston. Her character was just amazing, so she will always hold a special place in our hearts. A really truly magical girl. She managed to achieve Grand Champion status in one weekend with TICA. Which was just amazing and she really loved all the fuss, so I was thrilled when her kitten achieved BEST IN SECTION 2 NEUTER. Unfortunately the brightest candles blow out the quickest. We will be planting a tree for her in the garden.

Our new kittens/Queens

Seidrkatts Zelda: black tortie tabby, Dam: Seidrkatts Winnie the Witch to Sire: Gr Ch Noynarock Zac

Seidrkatts Erikka: cream and white tabby. Dam: Noynarock Astryd to Sire: Seidrkatts Aslan of Narnia

Eastcroft Tarka of Seidrkatts: Seidrkatts Winnie of Eastcroft to Gr Ch Vaidurya Perry Agent P

Future plans:

Next year we will hopefully plan litters to Sephiroth who's implant has taken 2 years to wear off; he has sired our first Seidrkatts litter, including our first black smoke Seidrkatts Wolfgang in 2020 aka the lockdown litter, who were born on the eve of the first lockdown. CH Noynarock Sephiroth (silver mackerel tabby) is a large strong boned cat, with straight profile, long body and tail. His weight and size will breed a larger size offspring. His father is the UK's highest titled Norwegian, UK OG & IGRCH NOYNAROCK ALFRIED.

And we would hopefully breed him to Seidrkatts Winnie the Witch and Seidrkatts Erikka.

As many of our girls were speyed this year, or are too young for breeding aswell as loosing Yuffie we dont have plans for many kittens next year.

Anyway thanks for reading: bit of a long one...

Please email me if you would like to chat about our future planned litters

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